Friday, June 29, 2012

New Watercolor : Childhood Skyline Memories

Childhood Skyline Memories
9X12 Watercolor

We moved to Long Island in 1993, when both of our boys were  very young.  The first thing we did, was go to New York City- and take the trip out to the Statue of Liberty.  No matter how many times you see it, the Statue is an awesome sight!  
This watercolor is painted from a photo I took that day of the boys looking back at the New York skyline from Liberty Island.  Looking across New York Harbor, you see Ellis Island and the fantastic skyline of New York City. No matter how many photos I have taken since (and there are thousands) this is one of my very favorites.  One reason is that it reminds me of three things-

1. our big move from California to New York
2.  how much fun raising 2 little boys can be
3. how glad I am that we got to see the skyline as it was-
including the Twin Towers


  1. It's a wonderful painting, and so special that it stirs such memories. Your clean style of painting is always so beautiful.

  2. I love this painting of your boys when they were younger, it really tugs at my heart and reminds me of when my own 3 boys were younger. You've really captured some character in this sketch and I love the color combinations that you have used. What a special memory image!

  3. Thanks, Claire! It was definitely fun to paint!

  4. Lovely painting and great memories! xx

  5. Great perspective. And I like their matching outfits!
    Happy Painting.


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