Thursday, January 24, 2013

Playing With Chalk Paint Again!

Old leather and wood stools in "Aubusson Blue" 

Weathered wicker chair now covered in "Emperor's Silk"

About a year ago, I painted my antique dining room furniture with blue chalk paint to try it out.  Most people might have started with a smaller project to experiment with, but the dark wood just didn't fit in with the rest of my beach house.  I knew if the chalk paint didn't work out, I would have to strip and sand the old finish off anyway.  Not much to lose really.  I had heard a little about Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint about a year ago, then did some online research.  To tell the truth, I didn't find anything unfavorable about this paint.  I does seem expensive, but now I know first hand that it is worth every penny.  I painted a table, six ladder back chairs, a hutch and a buffet with one quart and still had enough left to paint four of these bar stools.  
Annie Sloan's web site basically says you can use the paint on any surface- without ANY preparation.  My bar stools have been outside on the balcony exposed to sea air and rain for over a year, and were pretty much shot.  I was going to get rid of them anyway, so thought I would try the paint on them.  I painted the wood frames first- then just went for it, and covered the leather areas too.  They have been sat on, and rained on for about 2 weeks and so far, so good!  I bought a can of the red- Emperor's Silk- because I loved the color.  Didn't even know what I would use it on when I ordered it.  My wicker chair on the balcony was starting to look a bit sad, so it was the first red project.  The color is beautiful- and the wicker was a light color, so it just took one coat.  I thinned the paint a bit so it would get between the wicker spaces easier and it was a quick project.
Now, I am going to order three more quarts because I have picked out some shades for inside with  beach glass shades in mind.  Inside, outside- this paint is amazing!  I used the soft wax to seal the dining room set, but for exterior, no wax.  I can't wait to see how it lasts in the damp, ocean air- I am betting it will be great.