Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Watercolors- Just For Fun

I got to spend the day painting, and I was painting just for fun.  My husband was busy on the phone most of the day, so I just went into my studio and took out my watercolor palette.  Usually on Fridays, he wants to go do something since his work week is mostly mon-thurs, so since he was busy it was like bonus painting time.
I was so excited last week to come across the box containing my boys' baby shoes among other things.  I was thinking that after several moves, I had lost them.  I have been a bit stressed lately with my husband looking for his next contract- what better to paint than something that makes me happy?!  Baby shoes- perfect!  I have been taking photos of random painting subjects lately also- hence, the fortune cookies.
Perfect painting day because I also finished a set of baseball themed watercolors as a baby gift to my nephew and his wife for their adorable new son.  Gotta love it when painting days are stress free and productive!


  1. Oh there's just nothing sweeter than baby shoes. These are nice.

  2. Wonderful!! Have i nice weekend!!
    A hug!

  3. aawhhh what a fabulous find...sweet baby shoes and you captured them so well too...marvelous pieces and love the shadow work.

  4. Sheryl, your bonus painting time was a bonus for us viewers. Love these paintings of the baby shoes and fortune cookies. Such clean line and color.

  5. Thank you, Elizabeth- they were fun.

    Grazie, Franz- you have a nice weekend also!

    Thanks, Cynthia- they brought back memories! I love painting shadows, they are so important especially in still life.

    Thank you so much, Ann! Somehow, painting when you didn't expect to have time makes it more fun- especially when there are no expectations.

  6. Wow your pictures are so realistic. I love the one with the tennis shoe and the purple shadows. It's very beautiful and lovely.

  7. The fact there was no stress shows in the paintings, Sheryl. They are fresh and fun and very, very attractive for that :) xx

  8. Thank you, Shelley! I seem to use purple shadows often, I like them also.

  9. Thanks, Pat! Painting is an awesome stress reliever, isn't it?

  10. Baby shoes! What a precious item to paint, especially if there are a lot of memories Sheryl.. too bad I don't have any memorabilia brought from Russia about my son except a few baby pics.
    I love the combination that you chose: the shoes and the mug.. Reminds me a camping time with my parents.

    And a fortune cookies are always in stile. You just gave me a great idea on the series of Fortune Cards ( I know, I know I am not a first one; but, we can alway do something similar but different, can't we :)

    Thanks again for sharing,


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