Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Watercolors- Ready for Summer!

Can you tell I am ready for summer to get here?  Where I live (in a valley in California) we get hit with foggy days much of the winter.  I don't mean hazy fog.  I am talking about the kind of fog they use in creepy movies.  The kind of fog that means you can't see 5 feet into your yard.  No sun for days.  Well, we saw the sun the other day and now I got a taste of what is coming- just not soon enough! I opened up windows to get some fresh air in the house after a winter of being closed in with the heater running.  
So, now I am already planning my first trip to the nursery-first of many.  I can't wait to start spending days in the garden- even though the first days will be spent doing all the dreaded spring clean-up and pruning away dead branches.  And, of course there will be the beach days!  
I am dealing with my Spring Fever by painting the beach.  I have said it before, but here it is again- I miss Long Island's beaches!  We have nice beaches here in California also, but the main problem is that they are more like an hour away now instead of the 15 minute drive on Long Island!     


  1. Love sand dune scenes. Reminds me of my younger days when I practically lived at the beach.

  2. Spring is coming!!!!! Yeeeessss!! :-)))

    Beautiful watercolors!
    Ciao Sheryl!

  3. I agree with you Sheryl! Springtime in the garden, and Long Island, NY beaches..the best!

  4. Thank you Carol, Franz, and Dora! Painting the beach is one of my favorite things to paint!

  5. Le printemps arrive doucement... Très belles aquarelles.

  6. Your paintings are great! I have always liked the look of the 'beach fences' and that one is my favorite...beautiful!

  7. Merci, Martine!
    Thank you Wax Beach- I like the fences, too. They are always leaning in all directions!

  8. Lovely watercolours, Sheryl. Very reminiscent of summer.
    Now - did I miss your spooky fog paintings? :)


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