Tuesday, May 29, 2012

17- Mile Drive, Pebble Beach Oil on Canvas

17- Mile Drive    Oil on Canvas 15X30

I finished this painting a while ago and I'm just getting it posted.  The view along 17- Mile Drive is absolutely beautiful, and we have been there many times.  Last time we were there, I took lots of photos to use as reference photos.  The photo I used for this painting was actually four separate photos that I merged together to get this panoramic view.


  1. Cette peinture est vraiment très belle... Le site est merveilleux et je pense que votre ressenti par rapport à celui-ci est si intense que votre peinture ne peut qu'être sublime...
    J'aime votre touche très délicate et la manière que ces branches et troncs d'arbres morts sont traitées... Un magnifique contraste de la vie...
    Gros bisous

  2. Martine- merci beaucoup pour vos beaux compliments !

  3. Simply stunning Sheryl. I love the panoramic view, that took some courage to put this together with four different photos, but it really worked!

  4. Spectacular,amazing!
    Have a great day!

  5. This is a wonderful image of this special drive. It is amazing how you have captured the highlights so convincingly!! The trees, rocks, and water look so real - Amazing!!

  6. Wonderful work! I have been on 17 mile drive and this brings back memories of beautiful California. The fact that you pieced together 4 photos to get this view only speaks to your talent.

  7. Thanks, Claire and Carol! Such a beautiful view was really fun to paint!


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