Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vintage Sand Pail Watercolor- "Pig Family at the Beach"

I collect vintage sand pails and I think that probably makes me crazy, but whatever.  For some reason, I am drawn to all kinds of vintage items- I just love the history.  Sand pails are particularly interesting to me because I love the colorful designs. I can justify (or at least try to) buying them, since I paint them- sort of a "business expense".  Of course I am only kidding about that, and nobody (especially my husband) buys that as an excuse!  I am not as crazy as some of these collectors who will pay hundreds for them- I only buy them if they are a GREAT deal(in the tens, not the hundreds) and I REALLY love them.  I got this one for $35 at an antique barn on Long Island AND it included the shovel.  The rusted edges only make it more interesting to me to paint.

This watercolor is 18X24" on 140 lb. cold press paper - rough surface.  The sand pail is a vintage (1940's, I think) T.Cohn pail. It was completely fun to paint, and I often go back to painting these sand pails when I just want to paint for fun, and for me!


  1. Je suis certaine que mon petit-fils Nathan (5 mois) aimerait jouer avec ce joli seau l'an prochain à la plage.
    Très belle aquarelle, je vous félicite...

  2. It's a beautiful, fun, colorful painting! Makes me smile just to look at it :-)

  3. So lovely, Sheryl......I love hitting the antique shops and auctions to see what I can find. Got some great pieces recently that will be part of my paintings real soon.

  4. Yes, this painting makes me smile too. Lunch boxes are fun too. Wonderful painting. The details are really well done.

  5. Voglia di mare!! Bel dipinto!

    Ciao Sheryl!

  6. Sheryl, I love the colors. I love the pig family and I think you have the most clever ideas for the subjects of your wonderful paintings!

  7. Thank you so much, Ann!

    Merci beaucoup, Martinealison!

    Thanks, Teresa- these colorful old sand pails make me smile also!

    Thank you, Carol- I look forward to seeing some of your finds in your art also!

    Thank you, L.W.- I would love also to come across some of the old toy paint sets to paint!

    Grazie, Franz!

    Thank you so much, Candy- that is a very nice compliment!

  8. Very sweet painting, It made me smile and remember beach trips as a child. Nicely done! xx

  9. I love vintage items as well. Always love your work :)

  10. Thank you, Pat! Something about these old sand pails...

    Thanks Meowlissa- gotta love vintage!


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