Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So Ready For Spring!

I am so ready for Spring!  I start to run out of patience at this time of year, due mainly to those few gorgeous days that get thrown in among the cold, rainy ones!  After I get a few nice days in a row, I start to get fooled into warm weather thinking.  I love to garden and spend many hours outside during the non-winter months.  One of the main reasons I like gardening and being in the yard, is the never ending supply of painting subjects and motivation!  First, I have plenty of clean up to do out there due to basically ignoring the flower beds and vegetable garden for months.  After the pruning and cleaning and adding a new layer of mulch- its off to the nursery.  I love to go to the nursery and happen to have one that I love very nearby.  I do not need any more plants, but that never stops me from filling up my jeep with as much as it will hold. Even though I recently got a fun (but small) convertible- my gardening habit insures my jeep a spot in the driveway for as long as it runs.  There are always spots for new plants, and they are all possible future watercolors!  


  1. So nice, Sheryl....and I'm with you on waiting for Spring..........there's an old saying and I'm going to use it relating to winter and it goes - "this too shall pass, now would be nice!"

  2. I love these paintings, Sheryl! Jim and I are just like you. Jim has been buying plants(marigolds and pansies) the past couple of weeks. Roses are our big weakness. We stand there and say that we really don't have room for more, but then we fall in love with one and squeeze it in somewhere.

  3. I can totally follow you Sheryl, this time of the year it is very hard not to get in the Spring mood as soon as you get a glimpse of a sun ray, I think garden people are all the same! I love your enthusiastic Spring paintings! :-))

  4. Waiting for Spring too :)
    Lovely paintings, Sheryl xx

  5. Thanks- Carol, Candy, Jane and Pat!
    I am catching up on my comments now- I spent the weekend spreading mulch in my flower beds! 4 cubic yards to be exact- I am really achy and sore now!


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