Friday, February 18, 2011

100 Paintings Challenge #30 & #31 - Venice, Italy

Well, as usual, those few sunny days last weekend were just a teaser.  I know it happens every year, but its hard not to get excited about the thought of spending more time outside in the sun.  It is raining and the sun has been a no-show for several days.  Since I won't be doing any gardening this weekend, I will work on my 100 paintings- I am on #30 & #31. I was going at a more leisurely pace, but some of the other participants post them 3 or more at a time.  Guess I need to step up my game!  Back to the reference photos again while I wait for the garden to come back and give me new things to paint.  I love looking through the piles of reference photos collected over the years and among my favorites are the ones from Italy.  I've said it before and here it is once again- I would go back to Italy in a second.  Italy is a beautiful country and the people there are so friendly!

These are small watercolors, done on 8X10" 140 lb cold press paper.  Another stab at people (loosely painted, no detail just really working on proportion and scale)

I have been thinking again about trying out ebay.  Anyone had any good luck there?  I like etsy and have no complaints, but sometimes I get frustrated with the low number of item views.  There are somewhere around a gazillion artists on etsy and sometimes I think it is nothing short of a minor miracle when people find my items.  I really don't understand how some shops have ridiculously high item views!  I have signed up for Fine Art America, but haven't put anything on  there yet.  I am also trying to put a "buy now" button on my site like I have seen on other blogs- back to copying and pasting html code which I hate.  I have a domain name, but setting up a website from scratch sounds like a lot of work!  I am great at procrastinating, but need to get over it and do something.  It took me forever just to start my blog, and once I finally did it- I am really glad I did.  I have found many other artist bloggers and you all have wonderful comments and feedback!  I would love to hear any of your ideas on ebay, etc.

Thank you!


  1. Great minds think alike Sheryl, that means I agree with you! LOL I often think of getting an Ebay shop, but I think it's pricey. And I'd like to add a paypal button to my blog too. Recently I sold an /etsy listing to a facebook "friend/fan", but how often does that happen? I guess we'll figure it out, right?

  2. These paintings are excellent, such bright color, would love to travel to Italy one day, how lucky that you have gotten to see it.
    I have had more success selling on Ebay than on Etsy, I think I just get more views, and it is not difficult, (of course,my kids coached me through!) I think this week is no insertion fees, good time to give it a go!

  3. Love the top one with all the masks vying for attention through the window. Really beautiful xx

    I have my own website, was very easy to set up and even have a paypal account (with button) through it, which I have used when I wanted to sell some paintings for charity. Mr Site. Very easy.. you're walked through the steps in the instructions.
    I don't use the Shop function often, but its there.

    I've heard other artist friends that selling art on ebay is hard - because people are looking for cheap bargains.. very cheap.
    My most successful artist friends go out and do the craft fairs. People usually go to those with money in their pockets, and ready to buy.

  4. If you try ebay, I'd like to know what you think of it. The Italy paintings are wonderful! I love the faces in the window! So bright and interesting!

  5. Thank you- Dora, Maria, Pat and Katherine! I love all the shop feedback and ideas. Now to just decide what to do and do something!

  6. Sheryl....I've had zero luck on Etsy. I'm on Fine Art America and I am fairly impressed with the site so far, but have yet to sell anything. It does give you better insight to who is looking at your art than etsy does. I have not tried or looked into ebay.

    I did participate in one craft/art fair and had some luck selling items, but mostly smaller paintings and greeting cards.

    Most of my sales are through word of mouth from friends and family.

    Your two paintings are lovely!

  7. Gretchen, thank you so much for your insights! I will post any changes I end up making!

  8. These beautiful watercolors!
    For sale in my opinion are the ideal small fairs, Ebay is difficult, everyone wants to spend very little!
    Ciao!!! magic!

  9. Grazie, Franz! Yes, I could go back to Venice anytime! Thank you for your input on the ebay thing also- I have heard the same thing about the people looking for "deals".

  10. hi sheryl, i love your work and your blog! so inviting. i've never tried ebay, but i did join fine art america recently. they really provide a complete service for their artists. and i can so relate with procrastinating. i waited so long to update my site and found that yahoo site solution was an amazing do-it-yourself build. i had mine done in one day. not the best templates, but at this point all i wanted was to have my work accessible on a clean and easy to nav site. good luck with everything, your work is just lovely!
    couldn't find your email to thank you personally for your kind words, but here will do! thank you!


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