Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tis The Season!

Nonnie's tree and a few of her beaded ornaments

My three favorite Santas, waiting to be put somewhere

some of my beach santas

hours of ornaments to unpack and hang

I have not picked up a paintbrush in a few days. I had some Etsy orders to get done and in the mail, and now its Christmas Decorating Season! I should have started right after Thanksgiving, and in my house- that means I am already behind schedule. I like to have Christmas for the whole month of December, then take it all down after New Year's. This year, I have been so into painting, that I just got a late start. I have a pile of unmailed cards still to get done and Christmas decorations in boxes everywhere. I got the tree up yesterday, and put who knows how many strings of lights on it- I really don't know now, I do know that I went to the store for more so I could have enough. I like the old style colored bulbs and also clear minis, but don't forget the all- important bubble lights (4 strings of just those). Today I am putting the ornaments on the tree and around the house on garlands and wreaths. I am a Christmas ornament addict. I have been buying and making new ones every year since I got married (actually before). I just keep getting bigger trees to hold more ornaments. My favorites are the ones I have gotten from people over the years, the ones that put a smile on your face when you see them. I also love the old fashioned glass ones (Christopher Radko, etc). I have also been collecting Clothtique Santas for years and they are mostly the beach santas, but my favorite ones are the New York Santa, Artist Santa and Patriotic Santa. By far, my most treasured Christmas decorations are the ones I have gotten from my grandmother. There are the sequined Christmas ornaments she made (pinning thousands of beads and sequins into styrofoam balls would make me crazy!) and the ceramic light up tree she made. Very old fashioned- and she made them herself, so it means so much to me to have them in my home now.
Anyway, I have a full day ahead of me- time to go to the holiday music in my itunes and get to decorating. That pile of boxes speaks for itself!
Thanks for looking-


  1. What beautiful decorations, a majestic tree!
    I really like the beach Santas!:-))

    Ciao Sheryl!

  2. Oh I love your decorations! Your tree and Santas are perfect! And do you know that my favorite ornaments are the ones from my grandmother too. :) I'm really starting to get in the Spirit now. Especially because I heard that Santa's elves found the exact present my five year old son asked for. :)

  3. Dear Sheryl,
    Oh, so lovely preperation! All what you need is to count down for Christmas? Enjoy them all.
    Best wishes:), Sadami


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