Friday, July 23, 2010

Etsy Treasuries

curated by blueroompottery on Etsy

Curated by DoraArtDesignStudio on Etsy

Curated by elinay on Etsy

This has been such a surprising and fortunate week for me- I have been lucky to be included in 4 beautiful Etsy treasuries! Etsy treasuries are interesting collections of items on Etsy put together by different artists. Some use color as the theme, others use similar items, sometimes it is about the season. They are always enjoyable to look at because they include samples of the different styles of art available on Etsy. I have never curated a treasury- I guess mainly because I see comments about how difficult it can be to snag an available treasury slot! Anyway, as an artist, it is always such a compliment to be included in one of these treasuries. It has definitely helped make my week an awesome one! Please- Do stop by and look at these and the many other treasuries currently on Etsy. Every view helps all of the artists on Etsy and with enough views, sometimes the treasury can end up on Etsy's front page- and that is really a good thing!
Thanks for looking!


  1. I must figure out this screenshot thingy! Congrats of being featured in these lovely treasuries!

  2. Thanks a lot for featuring my treasury in your lovely blog ! :-)


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