Monday, November 1, 2010

Finishing Watercolors

I have been enjoying my "new" studio space this last week and getting lots of painting done. With my painting table in the middle of the room instead of at the window, I actually have more room to put larger watercolor paper on it. Now I don't have a wall in front of me and the paper can go off the edge of the table if I want to turn it side ways or push it away. I haven't been keeping up with posting, so here is some of what I have been working on. I am thinking about adding some gulls in the beach painting for some interest. Sometimes I paint from 2 or 3 photos to get the painting I like, but this photo was pretty much what I wanted. I left out the washed up piles of sea weed since I don't consider them of any interest, and made a few minor changes.

The vineyard, as I have mentioned, was such a problem to me and I just wanted to be done. I did add a farm worker down the row for something else to look at. I tried to keep him vague, and duller color since he is far away- yet still have him there. I went with purple toned shadows which I often like, and added alizarin crimson and french ultra blue to my green vines to put them in shadow with the same cool purple tones as the cast shadows.

The sand pail was pure fun, and I always enjoy painting them, and the beach. I haven't painted a sand pail in a long while and they are among my favorite painting subjects -with the bright colors and details. This is an antique pail I found at an "antique" shop on Long Island and I use the word antique loosely here. Very much a junk store- my favorite kind. You never know what you will come across.
The sand pail is on 18X24 watercolor paper (as is the vineyard watercolor) and looks slightly out of perspective due to the angle I photographed from- will look better once it is scanned- this is just a peek. I will have to scan all of these larger ones in about 4 pieces and then stitch them together to print them.

I am working on the 100 Paintings Challenge (in a year) and need to keep up with at least 2 each week, or have some of those crazy weeks of one or more paintings a day to catch up!
Thanks for looking-


  1. Hi Sheryl, very nice all three.
    The Beach with three people sitting is wonderful, but perhaps it would
    some seagull in the sky.
    La Vigna and I really like the bucket is fun!
    Excellent work!


  2. Thank you, Franz! I definitely think yes to the birds- and Ciao to you also!

  3. Sheryl....I like how your raisin painting turned out...the worker really draws your eye down the row. The added shadows are nice as well. It feels good to "put it to rest", I know.
    The painting of the pail is wonderful...almost looks like a photograph. Very nice work.

  4. Thanks, Gretchen- I know you understand!

  5. Wow Sheryl, I see you keep yourself busy!
    I love your paintings. The last one of the series (beach chairs and hats) is so relaxing, so inviting.
    Great job!
    Thank you,

  6. Irina- Thank you so much! And as you know, I love your work too!
    I go through phases with my painting, but am trying this last year to really make it a top priority.

  7. ...I love the name of your blog! I'm a Pisces, so I love all things fish!! I also really like your beach paintings. Traveling to the beach every year is heaven, and I always love seeing images of the ocean.

    p.s. very cool studio!!!

  8. Yes! Excellent recovery on the vineyard - it now looks smashing!
    Love the three on the beach - but would like to see the painting fill the photo frame, not the angled shot, because it throws perspective out.
    The bucket and spade are very sweet!

  9. Thanks, Pat! Glad the vineyard watercolor can be set aside now. Problem is, I know I will paint more of them since I love the view!
    I will show a scan of it soon(the beach) I sometimes don't get the camera over the painting like I think I do at the time I am taking the photo.
    Thanks for the help, as always!

  10. Here's another little hint. Put the painting on the floor - much easier to stand over it and take a photo then :)


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