Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Studio Makeover

My art studio has been set up since we moved into our new house over two years ago. Sometimes, I choose to paint downstairs because it is like an oven in my west-facing studio in the afternoons about half of the year. I do not want to double my power bill just to be cool upstairs in the late afternoon. The other reason my studio has not gotten much use (except as an art supply room) is that I wasn't happy painting in there, but wasn't sure what to change.

Saturday morning, we were watching a movie on TV and my husband mentioned that the woman in the movie was crazy to have her desk situated so her back was to the door. Creepy. I mentioned that my studio was set up that way (to have a view of the park out the window). My easel faces the door (just by chance), so it is okay! That got us discussing the ways we could improve my painting space. Within an hour, we were off to Costco. We bought more of the great metal bakery type shelves on wheels- like I had in New York. When we moved to California, the movers loaded them on the truck put together instead of taken apart and they weigh too much to be dragged upstairs to my studio. I settled for bookcases which were easier to move. Sometimes it just isn't good to settle. Now, two years later, we did what we should have done in the first place. We also moved my desk/work table into the middle of the room.

It just seemed right to put it in front of the window before without really thinking. Now, my desk is in the middle of the studio and all of my art supplies and all the fun things (like sand pails and painting ideas) are around me instead of behind me. I can see all of my supplies - paints (oils, watercolors, acrylics, and glass paints) all in separate baskets with labels. My soldering stuff is also organized and easy to find. I put all of my gazillions of art books and magazines into baskets so they are contained, at least. My scrapbooking stuff, well, at least it is in baskets even if it doesn't look exactly neat and tidy.

Everything is perfect now. I guess some artists have studios with everything out of sight into cabinets, but I really like seeing all of my art "stuff". It keeps me motivated. I have two cork boards to tack up ideas, and a huge chalk board to scribble on also. I guess I fall into the messy artist category, but I love it! Now, back to painting.
Thanks for looking,


  1. Gotta get the studio right!
    Love yours, but you need more cork boards - I've got 6 :lol: xx

  2. I think you are right, Pat- I have ideas on paper everywhere, 6 sounds good for now!

  3. Hi Sheryl, your studio is beautiful, thinks that I work on a table from 80 cm!:-))


  4. I love looking into other artists' studios to see where their magic takes place! Thanks for the peek! I need some corkboards, although I've been holding out to make my own from corrugated cardboard covered in fabric....an idea from one of my magazines. I should just break down and buy some, but they're not cheap!

  5. Thanks, Franz and Gretchen! I love to see other artists' lairs also- so I will look forward to peeks. And Gretchen- making the cork boards yourself sounds suspiciously like work, just go buy them (on sale hopefully)!

  6. Interesting. That's kind of the theory in Feng Shui...the uncomfortable feeling when your back faces the door. Glad it is working out for you now. Regards, Connie

  7. What a treat to see your awesome studio! Envious? Yes I am!!!

  8. Thanks, Claire! I should take more photos in a few weeks and see if you are still envious when it isn't freshly organized!


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