Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Beaches- small acrylic paintings

Having some fun with small canvases and painting the beach. Sometimes, it is relaxing to just work in a smaller scale.  Somehow, it seems less serious- as if I am under no pressure to create a masterpiece!  That really helps keep the painting relaxed and fun.  I am trying to include people in some of my paintings, but also working on adding people without a lot of detail.  Seems easy, but it isn't for me.  I plan to keep practicing with these until they are easier!


  1. Really like your beach images and your people! Trying to capture people is one of my goals/hopes for 2012, but it is hard for me. Your paintings give me a nice example of how to approach them.

  2. These are wonderful Sheryl. Love the bright summer color and makes me miss the ocean and putting my feet in the warm sand.

  3. Lovely beach scenes, Sheryl xx


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