Monday, July 25, 2011

Stained Glass Window- In Vintage Window Frame

I haven't been painting for a few weeks, due to all the packing and pre-relocating craziness.  I did, however, get a chance to go to the stained glass studio and finish up my latest project.  I started learning stained glass a few years ago and have completed many windows and even a lamp shade- but this was my first project using lead instead of copper foil to construct the window.  I wanted to learn the process of working with lead since it is quite different. I have some old window frames at home that I have kept for this reason- stained glass.  Some of the window frames are from when we replaced all of our windows on Long Island.  My husband continuously tries, with no success, to get me to throw them out.

The first steps are the same as in the copper foil process- making the pattern and cutting the glass pieces.  Then, starting in one corner, I put my first 2 sides of the window (zinc strips) in and start working my way out from the corner.  One piece at at time, I fit the glass in, and cut the lead came strips to fit.  The glass pieces were all ground on the edges with the grinder, but often need more grinding to fit properly.  The glass pieces and came strips are kept in place with horseshoe nails as I go, to keep the window true to the pattern underneath.
The central design with the bevel pieces was simple since they came cut out already- more difficult to fit in sometimes, but already finished edges.
I chose to use clear glass for most of the design- the bevels, and 2 different patterns of clear (glue chip, and a ribbed border).  The outside border is blue streaky glass. 

I love the finished window and, for now, it will just stay on the easel since I am moving and don't need to decide which window to hang it in.  Since the old window frame it is framed with is a beach house window, it is fitting that it will be so near the ocean again.  Working with lead was a fun process, and I definitely plan to do more of these! 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Finally- A New Post!

 how I've been spending most of my time.
how I'd rather be spending my time.

I have been away from my blog for about a month for two main reasons.  
ONE: No painting has been going on, so really nothing to post.
TWO:  Moving, so I spend most of my time looking for a place to live- and the dreaded packing of the house and trying to sort out what should get boxed up and moved!
Usually, my husband's work involves him commuting weekly by plane to wherever the current contract is located.  This time it involves us relocating.  Hopefully, it will be worth all the trouble- by way of a home located very near the ocean!
I really need to make some time for painting or just spending all of my time packing will make me crazy.  I rarely go this long without painting- even though it is technically work, it is my relaxation.  SO- at least once a week, hopefully, I will get into my studio and paint!  And, needless to say, the studio will be the last room I box up.
Thankfully, I have two really large orders of soldered charms (seahorses, sand dollars, and starfish) to get finished.  That means I have to take a break from packing up, and get these charms soldered.  It will be a VERY welcome break.  I also need to get up to date on visiting the blogs of my fellow artists and see what everybody has been doing!