Monday, March 7, 2011

Sea Shells!

oil on canvas 8X10

oil on canvas 5X7

These are #37 and #38 of my 100 Paintings Challenge.
  I was taking my time and in no rush at all since I have a year to do this challenge- well, I guess I really need to get with it or I will be passed up very soon by a participant that is on her second 100.  Should this worry me?  Maybe I should just let it happen and continue to have fun!  I am enjoying the challenge because all of the artists participating have different styles and there really is much to learn from the experience.  So- back to the easel!


  1. No worries, your work is awesome, love the sea glass and the color it brings to your oil painting.

  2. Your oils are just adorable, Sheryl.
    Really love these two xx

  3. Always wonderful your work!

    Ciao Sheryl!

  4. Have fun and let it happen Sheryl! Love these paintings!

  5. Thank you, I do love sea glass Maria- its all over my house in jars!

    Thanks, Pat- sometimes oils just seem easier to me than watercolors-
    so its good for me to switch back and forth.

    Grazie, Franz!

    Thanks, Dora- I do just need to relax!

  6. J'aime les verres de mer... La première oeuvre me plaît particulièrement par son côté poétique... Des coquilles dans un nid, oui, mais de la mer...
    Beau travail.

  7. Sheryl, these are so pretty! Stick with the idea of "just let it happen and continue to have fun". It works!

  8. Seashells, yay! I love the seaglass, they came out amazingly wonderful. Only 62 left to go, you can do it! Hugs, Connie :)

  9. Merci, Martine!

    Thanks for the support, Candy- we need to have fun with it!

    Thank you, Cristina!

    Thanks, Connie- when you say "only 62" it sounds so easy!


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