Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wine Bottle Watercolor

Watercolor and ink on 9X12 140 lb cold press paper

When I saw this wine bottle on the store shelf, I knew I had to at least try to paint it.  How could I resist?  So fun and colorful and full of tiny details.  Well, there were quite a few times when I almost just gave up thinking I had taken on too much.  There were details on the label that I hadn't even noticed until I started to paint!  The artist that designed this label is so talented.  As usual, when I took a few steps back from the watercolor, I liked it more than up close.  I need to do that more often- when we paint we are too close to the painting to really look at it.  I left out a few of the tiniest details and that was the key- knowing when to stop.  I did decide to add the wine glass when I was finished with the bottle and it seemed to need something else.  When I added the ink outlining (on the label) with my rapidograph, it really helped make the details stand out.
This was one of those times that leaving the background white seemed right to me so I just added the shadows.
I forgot to mention the bonus- the wine IN the bottle was really quite good.  I was buying the bottle anyway- it wasn't the least bit important to me how good the wine was.  Sometimes, it is just about the label.  The cork was even worthy of painting, with the elephant on the end!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blood Oranges on Silver Tray- Watercolor

Blood Oranges on Silver Tray  9X12 Watercolor

I finished this watercolor and posted it to the 100 Paintings Challenge, but never got it posted here.  Not exactly organized, I guess.  I have had fun with a few watercolors this last week, and have a few more to post in the next few days.  We got hooked on Blood Oranges while on vacation in Italy and didn't realize how difficult they are to find here in California.  Apparently, they are only in season for a short while.  Needless to say, we buy them up in large quantities when we come across them at the store- they are delicious and the colors are beautiful.  I set them on this silver tray since I am always wanting to paint reflections.  I even had to polish the tray, but it was worth it!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Cape Disappointment" 18 X24 Watercolor

Cape Disappointment 18X24 Watercolor

Seaside and beach scenes are among my favorites to paint, and although they are usually photos I have taken- this one is not.  I saw it in a magazine quite a few years ago and really wanted to paint it.  This beautiful place is called Cape Disappointment and is located on the coast of Washington where the Columbia River empties into the Pacific Ocean.  I just know this is a place I could live!

I know I have just drawn 2 new watercolors that are ready to paint, but I got sidetracked and wanted to finish this one.  I have quite a few unfinished watercolors on the end of my painting table in my studio and, sometimes, I am in the right mood to actually finish one or more.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Works in Progress- Two New Watercolor Sketches

I think you can see why I needed to paint this wine label!

The castle design on this cork is exactly why I love to paint corks!

I am in the mood to paint corks again and chose these as my latest.  When I saw the label on the wine bottle I just had to buy it- didn't even care if the wine was going to be good, or not!  As an added bonus, the wine was very tasty! The wine is a Petite Sirah from Michael-David and another good one from the many available nearby in Lodi, California.  I loved the colorful, fun label and there is even an elephant on the end of the cork.  You might be getting the impression that we chose our wines because of the label art, but that is not exactly it. The label may be the reason I pick up a bottle in the first place, so it does matter. The cork is always just a pleasant surprise if there is a good design since you can't see it until you uncork the bottle.  As artists, we all have our favorite subjects to paint- and wine corks just happen to be interesting and fun to me!

Monday, March 14, 2011

ACEO Watercolors

I bought these little ACEO watercolor papers a while back and finally tried them out.  How could I resist them in the art supply store?  So cute and little- they even make tiny envelopes for them!  I like that they make great practice projects, since you don't need to set aside hours to paint these little watercolors.  I can focus on one item- like a shell or cork and there is no pressure, just fun painting practice.  This time, as you can see, I only used a few of the colors on my palette and kept it simple.  I see many more of these in my future!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sea Shells!

oil on canvas 8X10

oil on canvas 5X7

These are #37 and #38 of my 100 Paintings Challenge.
  I was taking my time and in no rush at all since I have a year to do this challenge- well, I guess I really need to get with it or I will be passed up very soon by a participant that is on her second 100.  Should this worry me?  Maybe I should just let it happen and continue to have fun!  I am enjoying the challenge because all of the artists participating have different styles and there really is much to learn from the experience.  So- back to the easel!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So Ready For Spring!

I am so ready for Spring!  I start to run out of patience at this time of year, due mainly to those few gorgeous days that get thrown in among the cold, rainy ones!  After I get a few nice days in a row, I start to get fooled into warm weather thinking.  I love to garden and spend many hours outside during the non-winter months.  One of the main reasons I like gardening and being in the yard, is the never ending supply of painting subjects and motivation!  First, I have plenty of clean up to do out there due to basically ignoring the flower beds and vegetable garden for months.  After the pruning and cleaning and adding a new layer of mulch- its off to the nursery.  I love to go to the nursery and happen to have one that I love very nearby.  I do not need any more plants, but that never stops me from filling up my jeep with as much as it will hold. Even though I recently got a fun (but small) convertible- my gardening habit insures my jeep a spot in the driveway for as long as it runs.  There are always spots for new plants, and they are all possible future watercolors!