Friday, February 4, 2011

Cherries Painting- Oils on Masonite

Finally got a good photo (actually a scan) of the finished cherries. I had a lot of trouble since the finish is reflective and I kept getting glare with my photos even with the flash off. So much for taking a quick photo to post! Fortunately, my scanner has a professional mode and definitely gave me a perfect image. There isn't much difference in the two photos, I just put some final touches on the glass to give it more of a shine- but it was definitely worth it!
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  1. FANTASTIC!!!! Wow Sheryl!!!Brava!

    Ciao,have i good weekend!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Sheryl!
    You really make the oils sing! xx

  3. It's beautiful Sheryl!! The reflections on the glass make it look so alive! Nice work. :)

  4. ...gorgeous, gorgeous! I love it...

  5. Sheryl, I'm absolutely drooling! I love what Pat said and I agree.

    I also like your new font - very jazzy and yet easy to read.

  6. Beyond fabulous. There aren't enough words :) Phenomenal!

  7. Grazie, Franz! I appreciate you kind words!

    Pat- thank you so much, I really do enjoys oils- but sometimes don't take time away from watercolors!

    Thank you, Crystal- the light is everything, as you know with your beautiful sunlit portraits!

    Thank you so much, Kelly!

    Candy- thank you very much! I like your new font and the new look on your blog, too!

    Thanks, meowlissa! There aren't enough words for that creature that visited your basement, either!

  8. Very nice. Very appealing painting. Sweet.

    You got a good first photo there, second is uneven. I never use my flash; it washes out the colors. Photographing art is difficult. Sometimes I have trouble getting the colors of the painting accurate in the translation--I think it has something to do with the colors I used in the painting? It doesn't always happen. I just keep adjusting away till you get to close and good enough.

  9. L.W. - Thanks! The top photo is the second one and it is a scan. I went to my scanner since I was having so much trouble and I was NOT using a flash in any of them, I guess the sheen from the oils and the super smooth masonite were just problematic.


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