Friday, February 25, 2011

100 Paintings Challenge #32, #33

 oil on canvas 5X7"

Oil on masonite 5X7"

These are the last two paintings I posted for the 100 Paintings Challenge.  Every time I am ready to post, I get stressed out.  The blog suggests that you stick with one medium instead of trying to "master" more than one.  When I started the challenge, I had intended to just use my watercolors.  I have been taking some time with the oils also, and when I paint with oils for a few weeks, I don't have new watercolors to post.  Why waste the oils and not count them?  They are still paintings that I am painting, and learning from.  Many/most of the main ideas of painting are shared between mediums such as perspective, value, shadows, etc.
Well, as you can see, I did decide not to discount the oils I have been doing since they are definitely learning experiences.  Some of the other participants have included sketches, pen and ink, acrylic, and watercolor- so why not oils and watercolor?  Why must I over think everything, anyway?
Now that I have had my morning stress, time to enjoy my coffee and crossword puzzle!


  1. Wow! They are both gorgeous, Sheryl !
    I would look on the "one medium" more as a suggestion for newbie painters - which is definitely NOT you *hugs*

  2. Thanks, Pat! I don't know why I worry so much- just my nature!

  3. Fantastic Sheryl,and worries too much, you're a great artist!


  4. Dear Sheryl, you did a wonderful job with both paintings...if i were you I would just enjoy..not worry! :-))

  5. They are both lovely, Sheryl! Relax:)

  6. These are wonderful, love your oil paintings, although now I want to go have a glass of wine....glad you included these!

  7. Sheryl I looked at the challenge blog, and it does seem like quite a challenge! I think it would actually be very interesting to see how artists use various mediums. Just keep doing your thing!

  8. Thank you all so much! I think stress and art don't go together- I must relax!

  9. WonderfulWorkGoodCreations:)


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