Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mason Jar Madness

One of my favorite ways to spend time with my mom is looking through antique stores. Let me correct that- I use the term "antique" loosely- JUNK stores are more our specialty. The scary thing about these stores is that along with seeing things my mom grew up with, we also see things I happen to have in my house (such as wedding china). We both love antique mason (canning) jars. I think I just love the history that comes with old items. My mom has collected them for years, and I was actually stopping to buy some (for my mom) that a farmer in Rhode Island had put out at the roadside for sale. That was when I decided that I wanted some- even though my mom DID get the ones I found for her. Now, when we are in an antique/junk store, its every collector for herself! The artist in me loves the shades of aquas to ceruleans, and of course, the bubbles in the old glass. There is actually a book that lists types and makers of these old jars, so we can get an idea of how old they are and - even though I can't say this with a straight face- how much they are worth. My husband and sons have had fun with this for years. The fact that we will pay $10 for a jar that someone threw away many years ago is amazing to them. I like to put tags on the jars that show where we found them, just because it reminds me of the places we visited and the fun we had that day. I like to justify my obsession for these old jars by using them to hold anything from seashells and beach glass (other little obsessions we will talk about another time) to buttons, corks, candy, whatever! I also paint them often, which in itself is a good reason to have them.

Do you have something you like to collect? I love to hear about other people's favorite things!



  1. Great! Those jars are incredibly beautiful!

    Brava Sheryl!


  2. A wonderful painting. I love the map background and you captured the light in your 'treasure' very well.

  3. This is an amazing painting. You did a wonderful job of capturing the shapes of the jars and the different colors. This is so appealing! I also have a fondness for colored glass. My parents collected a few pieces and I'm also fond of beach glass. It is so fun to collect.... but I've got quite a problem of 'where to put stuff'.

  4. Another gorgeous watercolour,Sheryl!

    as for collecting - no! I'm the one who has to dust it, so I try to keep as little as possible :)

  5. beautiful painting, I love these jars as well, and use them for flowers, pencils, paintbrushes.....I am a collector of bags, love those over the shoulder bags, nice ones, old ones, worn ones...knit ones, I really should go through and pass some along, they take up a lot of room in my closets!

  6. I share your love for those wonderful Mason jars, Sheryl. And I agree, it's those beautiful colors that draw me to them. My Mom and I also enjoy visiting antique/old stuff stores. There are so many fun "gems" waiting to be discovered in those places!

  7. Thank you all for the wonderful feedback on the watercolor and also on your collections! Pat, I am also the duster, but still can't resist the jars....and shells...and beach glass...


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