Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In My Studio This Week- Soldering and more soldering

I haven't been able to pick up a paint brush this week- busy with other projects. I miss the painting, of course, but also enjoy the other art projects. Lots of Etsy orders to fill- all soldered glass ornaments and charms, so I have been using the soldering iron instead of the watercolor brushes. Mostly Blue Star Banner charms and ornaments and a lot of ornaments with photos on them. I really enjoy soldering and making these ornaments and charms, but they do take me away from my painting and I was in such a painting groove lately. I think I spread myself too thin, artistically speaking, but I like so many art forms. I want to try it all! Some of the photos I get from people for charms and ornaments are fun to see- old wedding photos, baby pictures, pictures of deployed husbands...Anyway, my studio is a mess of soldering tools, and I will be back at it today while my unfinished watercolors wait a few feet away. Soon!


  1. Another way of making art! Sheryl Very beautiful!


  2. Those are beautiful! And I'm mighty impressed that you know how to solder. I can barely spell that word. :)

  3. Grazie, Franz!

    Thanks Crystal- I think I learned how to spell that word AFTER I learned how to solder!

  4. Gosh they're lovely!
    I recently received one of those shells and the peace doves! Beautiful objects! xx

  5. These are so, so cool! What a wonderful way to decorate at tree at the beach. You have so many talents...

  6. What Lovely Sea Treasures and I adore the sea horse.

    You sound a lot like me.... I like too many art forms,only problem is not enough time or space. Annabelle >A_<


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