Saturday, November 13, 2010

Watercolor - "Corkscrew"

I posted my drawing of this watercolor the other day and wanted to show the finished watercolor. I had fun with this one- no problems to fix or paint to lift in frustration. Just a nice, enjoyable painting day- hopefully that doesn't mean today won't go well....I am going to sit down and work on some Christmas card ideas. I used to paint my own cards, and it has been a while. I think, mainly, because I wait until almost Thanksgiving to get to it. I should be painting sandy snowmen in July. Hopefully, I will have a few cards started to show tomorrow.
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  1. Sheryl Wow! Amazing! How did you make it so bright the bottle opener?



  2. Ciao, Franz! Thank you so much! I am working lately with painting reflections- practice until it is easier- It is all about the shadows and especially highlights. Very fun also.

  3. Beautiful, Sheryl.
    Isn't it wonderful when it all goes well from beginning to end? :) xx

  4. Thanks, Pat! It sure is wonderful when that happens!

  5. Very nice, I find metal to be so hard to paint, I look forward to seeing your cards.

  6. Wonderful painting. You really captured the sparkle of the metal! I have a tough time capturing light and reflection. Connie

  7. Wow! I love that corkscrew, what a fantastic painting! And you know it looks effortless too, you can tell you were feeling your groove. :)

  8. ...very cool. You really captured the feel of metal! I do my own Christmas cards too...mine are usually going out the weekend before Christmas. I wait way too long. Good luck with yours!

  9. Thank you Connie! I am really working with it lately, trying to make it easier to paint metal.
    Crystal- thanks for visiting and for the wonderful compliment!
    Kelly- thanks for stopping by and looking! So far, so good on the cards!

  10. Dear Sheryl,
    Wow, very impressive, beautiful and precise! Your watercolor teaches me how to paint metal. Thank you for sharing the precious work.
    Kind regards,


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