Monday, October 11, 2010

100 Paintings Challenge- #1 " Evening in Paris"

I just started the 100 Paintings Challenge, and am so excited to be a part of it! I paint most days anyway, but I think with a number as a specific goal, I will really keep at it. Only 99 more paintings to go! The way I understand the challenge, it isn't about masterpieces. It is about working on your skills and, for me, making painting even more of a priority. I think if I paint even more than I already do, I will definitely improve- practice makes perfect, right? I am already doing The Twenty Minute Challenge, and love how it makes me work on prioritizing the details in my paintings since the clock is ticking away. I have a tendency to keep working and reworking my paintings until SOMETIMES I go too far and no longer like the painting. Even I can't overwork a painting in 20 minutes!

I chose this Paris street scene as the first of my 100 for many reasons. My main reason is that I love this street- Rue St. Dominique in the 7th Arrondissement of Paris. We stayed in a hotel on this street and the location was perfect. Rue Cler, the beautiful Seine and Pont Alexandre, La Tour Eiffel - all VERY nearby. Most of my photos of the street were daytime and I really wanted to try a night scene. My night photos were all very dark except for the bright lights. I used one of the day photos (actually, as I often do, I used several photos) and tried to turn it into a night scene. That is one of my other reasons for choosing this painting- it is my FIRST attempt at a night painting. What better way for me to learn, than to try something very different for me? I am sure that if I keep working on night scenes and the different use of color, lighting, sky, etc,- I will improve. I do have a photo of a beautiful night view of San Francisco from Treasure Island. Maybe next time....
Thanks for looking!


  1. You have definitely depicted "evening" and I really like the Eiffel Tower. Good luck with the challenge. I'm going to begin an "art journaling" challenge of my own and see what I come up with. Practice does make perfect!

  2. Wow, Sheryl, this beautiful watercolor, in Paris I was there last year
    and remember this road!


  3. Cracking painting, Sheryl!
    You've set the bar high for the next 99 !

  4. Thanks, Gretchen for the nice "evening" compliment- I am curious about art journaling, let me know how that goes!
    Franz- I appreciate your wonderful compliment!
    Pat- thank you so much and 99 seems like a huge number, doesn't it?

  5. Sounds like a big number to me too, but I bet you make it..and then some. This painting is such a lovely start! You are brave.

  6. Thank you, Dora- not brave, just need help with focus!

  7. Hi Shery
    I remember your wine cork in TWM, and it was a really nice one. Yes, I agree with you about TWM, it is fun, and it helps to focus. Good luck on the new challenge - this one is great. I don't paint very much, and your painting is an inspiration - maybe I should trying more painting... :)

    Have a nice day, Ev

  8. Good on your challenge, 100 paintings.
    Go, go, Sheryl, Sheryl!! Hip, hip, hurray, hurray, Sheryl, Sheryl!
    Cheers, Sadami

  9. Thank you, Evelyn- I appreciate you stopping by and commenting and yes, you should try more painting!

    Thank again for your nice encouragement- always appreciated!


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