Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jinx Watercolor


I think I am done with this watercolor, and actually probably should have stopped sooner. Over-painting is my own personal curse. I plan to keep painting her until I am completely satisfied that it shows her unique personality. I think her nose needs to look longer and then her head will look less round. I used burnt umber in the areas of her nose and "beard "that have slightly lighter fur, and I am thinking maybe if I left it a little lighter on top of the whole nose (not just the tip) maybe that would have given it more depth. Like I mentioned when I started, this is really my first attempt and I definitely will keep at it until I feel comfortable. A fellow artist suggested using french ultramarine blue and burnt sienna for the black (thanks, Pat!) but I had already used the payne's gray in layers for my lights and darks then added the burnt umber later. I will definitely try that mix next time (SOON) and don't actually know why I didn't this time! I always use a mix of ultra blue, b.umber, and alizarin crimson as my standard dark- varying the blue and crimson, depending if I want it warm or cool. Also, Pat suggested leaving some more white when starting to lay in color. I am thinking (in hindsight of course) that even though she is all black, more light would help with giving her head shape under all that thick black fur. I didn't detail the fur except for a few ares where I added some lines. We learn so much from all of our attempts at painting! One of the next challenges on my list is people. I have painted my kids before and while I am happy with the results, I would love for it to be easier for me. That's where practice and perseverance come in.
Thanks for looking!


  1. Doesn't matter what mixes you used Sheryl - that is one excellent dog portrait!
    The highlights in her nose and eyes are just perfect!
    I know you were anxious - but crikey - you've no need to be - this is excellent!!!

  2. WOW Pat, Thanks! You made me laugh seeing" crikey" in print, great word!

  3. You're welcome! For the compliment and the English slang :lol:

  4. Dear Sheryl,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. The poodle looks so lovely and probably, enough.
    Me, too,have a same sick, "watercolor overwork symptom." If I get nervous, I do it. If I'm relaxing and having fun, I will not do it. Not sure it apply to you, "Just relax" is my tips and try to finish work in a short time.
    Cheers, Sadami

  5. Thank you Sadami- I think relax is a good tip.

  6. We are all so very critical of ourselves, are we not? I think you definitely captured a personality, whether or not it's of Jinx is for you to determine. I think this is a fine painting for a first attempt. I see what you mean about the roundness of the head....but that certainly won't be hard to correct the next time around. I love the eyes! Well done.

  7. Thank you Gretchen, and there will be a next time! The more I practice, I know I will get more comfortable with pets and people!


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