Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tuscan Style Window Mural Painted Over Bar

This is one of the murals in my new house. It is actually the first one I started here since it is in a smaller space and I knew if I didn't like it, the walls would be easier to repaint (no 20 foot ceilings in that area either!). I had to stand on my bar to paint it and that added a few degrees of difficulty. When I was painting up higher I was a bit nervous- couldn't step back at all or I would fall off the bar.

It was a fun mural to paint, and I did use a burnt sienna color of latex to cover the terra cotta "plaster" area to help with the basing-in stage. Then it made it easier to add the multi-colored brick and stone over the latex with acrylic paints. I only have 2 stages to show since I didn't draw it out first- just kind of winged it, which I choose to do sometimes on less difficult compositions. As with all of my paintings, I enjoyed the detail work the most- I even added my husband's sunglasses to the window sill for fun! When I was finished, we had our nephew (who worked with glass) come and add shelves for us.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Sheryl, what a lovely interesting house you must have!

  2. Some people might see it as going too far with the painting- but whatever! My husband encourages all this!

  3. Adds so much to your bar. The lure of Tuscany is hard for a painter to resist! You did a wonderful job!


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