Monday, July 12, 2010

No Bare Walls Allowed- Painting an Entryway Mural

I don't know if all artists have this problem, but I can't live with empty walls. I have paintings hung on much of my available wall space- but there are those really big spaces where the wall needs more. In our entryway, we have a wall that goes up about 20 feet, and needs more than a few paintings! I started painting murals on our walls on Long Island, and now have a new house with new empty walls to fill.

This mural is painted from a photo I took at our hotel in Sorrento, Italy. The Hotel Bellevue Syrene- what a beautiful place! Right on the Gulf of Naples with a perfect view of Mt. Vesuvius. In one of the hotel's garden areas, I took a few photos of this great mosaic bench and it is perfect for my entry wall. I didn't paint this mural in one sitting- I was literally sitting on the floor most of the time and it can get uncomfortable! I did take pictures of my progress as I went, and they show the process in stages.

Thanks for looking!


  1. That has taken my breath away! Outstanding!

  2. Wow, Pat- thanks for the wonderful compliment! It always means so much to me when other artists like my work!

  3. Beautiful! We could go into business together! East Coast Murals Meets West Coast Murals? :-)


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