Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New in My Studio

I seem to bounce back and forth between watercolors, oils, and soldering charms. I realized I haven't started any new watercolors in several weeks. I know I need to paint continuously or get out of practice- I started this blog to help keep me on task and am having mixed results so far. Focus seems to be an issue.

The last few weeks I have been lucky enough to have house guests and that kept my attention away from painting. I keep meaning to treat my painting more like a real "job" and put in the time, but keep getting distracted. If only I could completely ignore housework...I have been getting lots of orders for soldered charms, so that has also been taking up some time and I am definitely not complaining about that.

Anyway, I did get a few watercolors started. Well, they are drawn and hopefully will soon have some paint on them! I have painted pomegranates in oils, but wanted to see how they looked when using watercolors, so here we go. The rose is from a photo I took in my garden and I always love to paint from garden photos.

Hopefully, I will have photos of some painting progress to post soon!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with this one :)
    Blogs I think only work as a focus when you commit to posting regularly. When I first started, I blogged daily and I did paint more. When I swapped to three times a week after a year, I didn't paint as much. Strangely enough after a couple of months, I missed blogging daily :)

  2. Thanks, Pat. I guess I just need to get used to blogging, in general- it is so new to me and it does feel like I am talking to myself!

  3. I felt like that too for the first few months - but gradually as you get more followers and comments, and you make comments elsewhere - you know you're not alone :)

  4. I'm in a constant struggle with resistance so I know how you feel. Blogging is keeping me in the game while I jump from one medium to the other. Haven't figured out whether it's impatience or distration..

  5. Thanks, Pat and Dora! At least I know I am in good company!


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