Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers."-Claude Monet

watercolor, Radio Flyer garden
Angel Trumpets, watercolor
a bird's nest built in a tree rose
lilies in my Long Island garden

I have always enjoyed gardening -and it is so rewarding to see the finished garden as it grows and fills in the way I planned. When we moved back to California from Long Island, I had a blank canvas to fill with plants. I used many of the plants that worked in New York, as well as my California favorites. I even brought some of the awesome orange "wild" lilies from my Long Island garden- and for once, the deer wouldn't be eating them!
As an artist, one of the best things about a great garden, is all the possibilities for painting ideas. As plants begin to bloom in the Spring, and until everything is dying back in the Fall , I am taking photos. The garden is always changing, and I will never run out of garden reference photos.


  1. Beautiful blog AND art!! I live on LI too!!! Where abouts are you?

  2. Thanks! I moved back to California, but lived in Islip Terrace for 15 years!
    Where are you?

  3. Ugh, Hempstead in a shelter right now... but I miss Suffolk County something fierce.

  4. I did like it- especially the beaches!

  5. I'm in Garden City, but you know how I love the beach at Pt. Lookout!

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